One of the many stories I tell is why Books.   At twelve years of age I was a member of the Local Boy Scout Troop 150.  Now in my second year of scouting I was getting the hang of what scouts was about.  In my regular routine about town was a visit to the local independent bookstore.  In 1962 they all were independent, some regional chains, but no big national chain stores.  This store had a couple shelves of used books.  In my wandering one day I stumbled across a copy of “Boy Scouts in the White Mountains” by Walter Eaton published in 1914.

On the cover was a paste-on photo that had to be taken just a mile or so from where I lived.  Today that image is known as an iconic image of Mt. Washington looking across what is called the Intervale.  That picture, the book title being where I lived and the subject matter Boy Scouts, was all I needed to be launched into the world of books.   My memory recall may not be 100% but clearly my heart believes it was priced something like $20.  In those days a coke was 5 cents, penny candy was really a penny, gas was 19 cents and new books sold for under $8 in hardcover.  There are friends today who would believe I never spent that much money on any book.

But because I had a paper route from age 8 and my folks helped to teach me about money early on in life, I always had a cash reserve.  After consulting with my banker, mom, I went down to the store and purchased that book.  To answer your first question, yes I still own that book and have sold a dozen or so copies of it over the years to Boy Scout and White Mountain collectors, who usually get to hear the story before leaving.

If book collectors or the love of the book are born, that is certainly one of the ways it happens.  It was my introduction to a new world.  I also remember my first auction, at twelve, but that story is for another time, ask me and I will tell.

A passion 4 books runs in my veins and has for nearly 60 years.  What I hope to share on these pages is not just my passion for books, but also the passion others have to share.

First and foremost this is about the book world and what’s happening.  Richard Mori Books as promoter and book dealer will let you know where he is and what is happening.  There will be pictures, stories and maybe even a few book jokes.  Please take a little time to join the email list, if you have not already done so, and enjoy.