Where in the World is Mori!  The answer to that question is now just a key stroke away. Should you need to know if Richard Mori Books is going to be in your neighborhood soon, go to the calendar page.  All his show dates should appear.

For nearly 30 years, ever since my first flea market days in New Hampshire, I have enjoyed the fun and excitement of meeting new and friendly faces around the country.  My first formal book show was at Clark University, then run by Bernice Bornstein.  Although, I hope not a coinc-idence, it was the last book show at Clark.  Since that humbled beginning I estimate that Mori Books has appeared in almost 1,000 shows in at least 24 states, from the east coast to the west coast. 

Currently the schedule reflects over 40 shows annually.  There are a few places you will always find me.  Brimfield, MA every May, July, and September.  How could one miss Boston in November, then the New York Book And Paper Fair in NYC run by Marvin Getman in March.  And what would April be without visiting St. Petersburg, FL.  These events and shows are the biggest and best in the country.  Did I mention how beautiful it is in Maine during the month of August.  There you can find me at most of the shows promoted by Elizabeth and John DiSimone. And of course we have recently added Portland, ME in September on the beautiful water front.